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Auteur Fil de discussion: easy way for protect you privite files  (Lu 330 fois)
« le: 04 Décembre 2012, 03:00:46 »
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More and more people in the field of creative works face a situation like the one described above at some point in their lives. And as a result, many shy away from sharing their most important works that could get them the recognition they so deserve. Time are a bit different nowadays as there are many data protection solutions that exist in the market. However, with many artists struggling to make their mark n the scene, the last thing they need is being

It is ad copy protection technology that helps users who are worried about their data and protection security to forestall any attempted copying and distribution of their intellectual properties as well as their confidential data and information, including films, videos, music and other copyrighted material.

Failure to protect your copyrighted materials from data breach can weigh enormously on you. The cost of protecting against copyright infringement is enormous. The unauthorized reproduction or other misappropriation of our intellectual property could diminish the value of our brands or goodwill and cause a decline in our sales.

USB Copy Protection is an easy to use and portable program to encrypt and lock your files with powerful function. Here is a quick look at how to use it and make some settings as a new user.
  Here are 4 steps about how to copy protect a USB flash drive:
Step 1. Download and run the program.

Download flash drive copy Protection from the our website and then run the Setup program.
  Then select the disk you want to protect and lock.
  Step 2. Set access permission for your files.

You can customize access permissions here in "Permission Settings" window. You can assign specific access permissions to different users according to your need.
  In the "Permissions" window, you can customize access permissions.

Step 3. Select a appropriate security strength.

In the "Options" window, you can set suitable security strength for your locked files. We suggest you choose the 'Normal' strength as the default setting if you use this program for the fist time.
  Step 4. Finish the copy protect usbof files in your disk.

Until recently, you were at the mercy of either lawyers, expensive applications, or other such means that only burdened you more with unnecessary or real means of recovery or protection. But now you have the power in your hands. It will not only get you across the many hurdles that you will have to face during the initial time you have to get up on your feet to make your mark, but also stays with you all the way through your successful years.
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« Répondre #1 le: 06 Décembre 2012, 08:07:13 »
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